“Steadfast Group, established in 1996, is the largest general insurance broker network and largest group of underwriting agencies in Australasia. Steadfast supports over 380 insurance broker businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Together, Steadfast network brokers and Steadfast Underwriting Agencies generated billings of more than $7 billion for the 12 months ended 31 December 2018. Steadfast Group also operates as a co-owner and consolidator through its equity interests in a number of broker businesses, underwriting agencies and other complementary businesses – this includes an equity stake in unison Steadfast, a global general insurance broker network with over 200 brokers in 130 countries. Steadfast, the strength you need.”

“Insurance and Care NSW (icare) protects, insures and cares for the people, businesses and assets of NSW. We operate six insurance schemes:

– icare Workers Insurance provides workers compensation insurance to more than 326,000 employers in NSW and their 3.2 million employees.

– icare Lifetime Care provides treatment and care to more than 1,300 people who have been severely injured on NSW roads.

– icare Dust Diseases Care compensates and supports workers who have developed a dust disease from occupational exposure in NSW.

– icare Home Building Compensation Fund helps homeowners to rectify incomplete or defective works done by a builder or tradesperson.

– icare Insurance for NSW provides workers compensation insurance to 193 public sector agencies and their 329,000 workers and 82,000 volunteers across NSW. We also protect more than $193 billion of the state’s assets, including the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as critical government infrastructure like schools and hospitals.

– icare Sports Insurance provides no-fault cover to sporting groups.”

Terry McMullan – Insurance News 

Terry is the Publisher of Insurance News, the region’s largest and most influential insurance industry publication in both online and print magazine form. He worked as a journalist for 15 years, including a seven-year stint in Africa, before joining BHP and developing a new career in corporate communications. He worked for BHP as a spokesman and lobbyist before joining the Insurance Council of Australia in 1991 to build its communications with governments, the media and the emerging consumer movement. Among his achievements was a four-year national advertising campaign promoting the industry’s role in protecting the community, and an Australia-wide program for 10,000 insurance company staff that increased their awareness of new consumer attitudes. After setting up McMullan Conway with Naomi Conway in 1996 Terry worked with Telstra to establish the weekly Sunrise Exchange News, and also established the National Insurance Brokers Association magazine Insurance & Risk Professional. In 2008 the company set up the independent free online weekly insuranceNEWS.com.au, and Insurance News (the magazine) in the following year. Terry says he and Allan Manning have collaborated in the establishment of the Mansfield Awards because they share a belief that there is a “blind spot” when it comes to acknowledging the vital importance of the claims process in insurance. “I’ve spent the past 26 years working on ways to encourage the industry to project its true image as a dynamic, responsive and essential part of the Australian community and economy,” he says. “It’s time the industry celebrated its unsung heroes – the claims professionals who fulfil the promise made in the policy to put things back together again. Once you get past all the marketing, it’s the delivery of the claim that builds or busts a company’s reputation.”

Professor Allan Manning – LMI Group

Allan founded LMI Group in 1999. Over their 20 years of operation, LMI have achieved an enviable global reputation for being the trusted adviser to the insurance industry. LMI operate in Claims Preparation, Risk Management and online tools.

For over 45 years Allan Manning has managed large and complex losses involving major property, business interruption including advanced consequential loss, fidelity, construction and liability throughout Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Along the way he has written a string of manuals that are regarded as the industry standard, as well as books on insurance aimed at all ages from children up to professionals.

Allan has lectured at Victoria, RMIT and Melbourne Universities on a range of insurance subjects, and has delivered over 1200 seminars on various risk and insurance-related topics. He holds the post of Adjunct Professor at Victoria University in the faculty of Law and Justice. He is the author of 13 books on insurance and has been named one of the Australian industry’s 20 most influential people by Insurance News for seven consecutive years. He was named as the inaugural winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Australian Insurance Industry Awards and has been a nominee for Australian of the Year.

He has earned a reputation as a fearless commentator on industry issues through blogs and commentaries, and has also taken a prominent role in debates over industry training.

Allan believes the Mansfield Awards for claims excellence will help to lift the profile of claims professionals and over time will encourage all companies to achieve higher standards. “Most claims are handled promptly, efficiently and fairly, but it only takes one error – or one company’s decisions based on a wrong policy interpretation – to attract negative media attention,” he says. “The Mansfields will encourage the industry to focus on achieving high standards in claims.”

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