Spotlight on last year’s winner: BHSI

The Mansfield Awards 2020

Each year, the Mansfield Awards celebrates claims excellence in the insurance industry. In 2019, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI) was a proud recipient of the Corporate Property and Casualty Insurance award, achieving equal first in this category. With the Mansfield Awards approaching again, we spoke to BHSI to find out more about its award winning claims process.

About BHSI

BHSI commenced operations globally in 2013 and in Australia in 2015. In this time it built a global claims team with its culture, operations, processes, systems and business continuity plans preparing the company to handle any situation. During 2020, it has had the chance to test these strong foundations, including a fully online platform with excellent operational support. Its systems are supported by a common sense approach to claims management, which frees up examiners’ time to be with customers and focus on the most important elements of the claim.

These efforts have given BHSI the agility to thrive in an ever-changing business environment, all the while maintaining its commitment to excellence and reputation as a competing force in the insurance sector.

BHSI’s approach to claims management

BHSI has the ability and willingness to pay claims and the ability to affect customer outcomes. With a strong focus on prompt responses and attentiveness to managing claims, BHSI is devoted to finding effective and efficient solutions for customers.

How the current climate has impacted claims

This year, in the context of claims, providers have been impacted by a string of unprecedented events. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an influx in the volume of claims at BHSI, particularly in the travel space. In addition, the 2019/2020 bushfire season and early 2020 hailstorms also had severe impact.

Even in these unfamiliar and extreme circumstances, BHSI has continued to provide excellent service to its customers and brokers. In the midst of COVID-19, it has transitioned seamlessly to working remotely, which has, in many ways, been possible due to its admirable workplace culture.

“This culture of wanting to do a great job every time makes me proud to be part of BHSI.”
– Susan Donaldson (Head of Claims, BHSI)

While the existing climate is keeping providers, customers and brokers physically apart, the strong relationships that BHSI has developed have allowed it to continue working collaboratively with team members and stakeholders with ease.

Achieving continued claims excellence

BHSI understands the importance of consistently delivering positive claims experiences and, as such, spends a lot of time listening to its customers, brokers and teammates. By doing this, it can determine what works and what doesn’t and, respectively, be responsive to this feedback.

Beyond this, it makes supporting and respecting its team a priority, which translates into staff going above and beyond to perform exceptionally in their role.

In recent times, the innumerable human moments that come hand-in-hand with claim time have only been amplified. When the unexpected occurs and something turns awry, customers turn to insurers. With this in mind, BHSI trains its team to respond with care, helping it manage these challenging times with grace. The level of care BHSI provides, coupled with strong technical solutions and plans, makes for both positive claims experiences and exceptional outcomes.

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