Spotlight on last year’s winner: TravelCard

The Mansfield Awards 2020

Celebrating claims excellence in the insurance industry, the Mansfield Awards is approaching again via a webinar on the 23rd of July. TravelCard was the proud recipient of the Specialty Insurance award at last year’s Mansfield Awards. We recently spoke to TravelCard to find out more about its claims process.

Approach to claims management

TravelCard strives to always put its customers first, all the while making the claims process as quick and fuss-free as possible.

It believes in providing real-time claims management for those with medical concerns, delayed luggage or lost cash during their travels. Its on-trip team manages claims of this nature, with the money being transferred directly to the customer’s TravelCard, allowing for immediate payment. For those who lodge a claim when returning home, it aims to limit the paperwork required, with its claims specialist team assessing each claim independently.

TravelCard recognises that travel is intended to be a time of enjoyment and its claims management process is designed to get clients back on their journey as quickly as possible.

Impact of the current climate on claims

This year, in TravelCard’s experience, COVID-19 has had the biggest impact on claims.

In response to this, its team has been working from home, while also managing an increase in claims. Many of these claims were from individuals who have been stood-down or who couldn’t go on their honeymoon, visit family or attend important work meetings.

The sheer volume of claims lodged has made it challenging for TravelCard to meet its usual claims deadlines, all the while providing the service it has been recognised for. However, during this time, its team has been incredibly dedicated and agile, working at full capacity and effectively managing this spike in claims.

TravelCard’s award-winning claims process

TravelCard’s Real-Time and immediate payments; as actioned by its on-trip team, are a huge selling point for the insurer.

During their travels, if an individual insured with TravelCard becomes unwell, they have a clear line of contact for receiving prompt assistance. Even while on the other side of the world, they can call an accommodating TravelCard team member, who can direct them to the nearest medical facility. Beyond this, they can have funds added to their TravelCard, minimising or alleviating the financial constraints of seeing a medical professional. Afterwards, TravelCard follows up, making sure its clients are okay.

The peace of mind customers enjoy with TravelCard’s Real-Time service gives it a winning edge in the insurance sector, catering to those who, while travelling, fall sick, have their luggage lost or have money stolen.

When unprecedented events occur, TravelCard sends an SMS outreach to customers, which is always appreciated. For instance, during a recent typhoon in Japan, TravelCard reached out to all its customers in the area via SMS, to ensure their safety and offer support. Knowing some customers might be concerned or distressed in such circumstances, TravelCard does what it can to offer its support to those travelling when things go wrong.

Achieving continued claims excellence

In achieving continued claims excellence, TravelCard focuses on recognition, retraining and providing a great work environment for its team.

Being happy and content at work, all the while feeling part of a strong team and knowing they are appreciated, helps its claims team provide exceptional service. By supporting its team members, TravelCard knows it can, subsequently, support its customers.

Looking to the future, TravelCard has recently trained its wider team to understand the claims processes, having them work cooperatively with the claims department. This initiative has given the entire business a deeper understanding of the great work its claims team are doing.

This training; as guided by its claims staff, has helped TravelCard go back to basics in helping its team understand core processes. In addition to this, the questions that have arisen along the way have assisted TravelCard in smoothing out its processes.

TravelCard is dedicated to ensuring its claims staff are supported in the long run and that they can continue providing the industry-leading service the insurer is known for.

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